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Sustainability Profile: Rare Hawaiian Honey

Volcano Island Honey Company is a small business in Hawaii that produces one of the rarest types of honey in the world: organic kiawe honey. The honeybee nectar comes from the naturally GMO and pesticide free forest of kiawe trees on the dry side of the Big Island. The honey naturally crystalizes into a creamy white texture and is pure, raw, 100% certified organic honey that is bottled and jarred.

The company is owned by Dr. and Mrs. Michael Domeier; Dr. Domeier is an expert on Great White Sharks, having made many breakthroughs and discoveries that have been featured on television programs. He created a special honey called the Great White Honey and is donating 10% of those sales profits to shark research. Thus, Dr. Dumeyer’s work with the kiawe honey helps sustain another natural resource of Hawaii: the Great White Shark.

Rare Hawaiian kiawe honey
Rare Hawaiian kiawe honey

“What I like about Hawaii is that there aren’t huge agricultural businesses that are spraying their giant mono-crops. We came here from California where that happened all the time. So I think Hawaii is a great place to eat fresher and healthier.”

Location: 66-1250 Lalamilo Farm Road Waimea, Hawaii

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*This is a multi-part installment as part of the Hawaii Sustainable Agriculture Project. Learn more about the project and the 12 participants here


By The Numbers

  • 100% All honeys are 100% certified organic. 
  • 10% Percentage of sales of Great White Shark honey that go to research. 
  • 1,000 Acreage of kiawe forest where honeybees gather nectar.
  • 1828 Year the first kiawe tree was planted in Hawaii.
  • 6 - Kiawe trees have long thorns that can be up to 6 cm long.