FAM Trip at Hoehn Bend Farm

A 30-acre working farm in Wahsington's Skagit Valley, Hoehn Bend Farm is a refuge from city life. Or at least, that what owners Jean and Terry are hoping to instill in visitors. The two retired Washingtonians raise their herd of heritage Irish Dexter cattle on the farm. They also also keep other animals on the farm including Shetland sheep, a pot bellied pig, chickens, and (our favorites!) miniature donkeys.

Farm Stay Tourism

In addition to serving as a working farm, Hoehn Bend Farm encourages overnight guests in the form of a farm stay vacations. This can be done as a volunteer arrangement, or as a form of tourism. In the case of Hoehn Bend Farm, their farm stays are geared toward tourism. Guests pay a fee to sleep in a bed and breakfast style farm house and are invited to shadow Jean and Terry during their daily chores. Jean and Terry are passionate about farm stays as a way of providing a country-side retreat for locals and visitors, and especially kids. 

We were fortunate to visit Hoehn Bend Farm and experience an authentic Washington farm stay, captured in photos below.

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