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Who is Gemini Connect?

We are two Geminis with a passion for travel and photography. Our site Gemini Connect was created as a place to document our travels around the world and help others plan memorable trips. The purpose of our blog is to show you two things:

  1. It is possible to plan a trip to a place you have never been before with an itinerary that will show you the very best of that world.
  2. It is possible to arrive at a destination with the photography skills to visually capture that experience in a way you’ll never forget.
Originally from Hawaii, Suzi is a professional food, music and corporate event photographer. She also writes tutorials and reviews for Digital Photography School.
Originally from Bulgaria, Martin is a software engineer at Amazon. He has a vast background in web technologies as well as professional photography.

The Backstory

We first met each other in 2012 via the travel platform Couchsurfing. Our mutual passion for travel and photography caused us to spend more time together and eventually dating. The first test to our new relationship was to see if we could successfully travel together. After a successful road trip to Glacier National Park that summer, we headed overseas to Belize where we then became business partners. Fast forward five years, and we are two soon-to-be-married Geminis who have adventured to 12 countries together.

Whether we’re traveling overseas or on an extended road trip from our home base, Seattle, we have always planned the most immersive trips for ourselves that also produce tons of visual memories in the form of photography. It’s our goal to showcase our travels and tips to that you can have the tools and inspiration to make your travel dreams a reality.

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